Twenty-mile-long water transfer for remote frac - Rain for Rent Twenty-mile-long water transfer for remote frac - Rain For Rent

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Twenty-mile-long water transfer for remote frac

Series of tanks and pumps provides one of the most distant water transfers for frac site.

A natural gas producer drilling twenty miles from the nearest water supply contacted Rain for Rent for an economical manner to bring hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to the site, store it, and prepare it for the fracking process.

Together with Rain for Rent engineers, a solution was created using a series of 10 pumps, 10 bag filtration units and 165 manifolded Rain for Rent Frac tanks along with the manifolds, pipe needed to traverse the mountainous 20 mile transfer.

Each tank was modified to use a hydronic heating unit to prevent the sitting water from freezing while water was pumped. The heating units will keep the entire manifold and tanks warm even on the coldest winter days.

Once the fracturing began, the flow back water was pumped through a Rain for Rent filtration system for polishing before it was returned to the tank farm for continued fracking.

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